By Jeff Wagner

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A scratch around the shoulders means more to little Forrest than most dogs.

But the 9-month-old Jack Russell Terrier simply can’t do it himself.

Jennifer Sahler from Dispatch Dogs is fostering the loving pup.

“His spine was severed, snapped in half,” Sahler said.

She said Forrest was likely thrown from a car or hit by one about four months ago in Texas. Part of his spine was sticking out of his body.

“He was found dragging himself along the side of the road. He had been out there for a while because by the time he was found, his back end was very infected from dragging himself along the gravel,” she said.

A pet rescue organization in the South performed surgery to put his spine back in his body and remove his tail, but the malnourished pup still needed a caregiver.

(credit: CBS)

Healing Hearts Rescue in Minnesota took him in, then Dispatch Dogs agreed to foster him. They have helped Forrest grow stronger and gain confidence, despite only using his front legs. And every now and then, he uses a set of wheels for his back legs.

“He’s the happiest boy, you know, whether he’s dragging himself around in his drag bag or in his wheelchair,” Sahler said. “He loves to socialize.”

Because of his injury, Forrest must wear a diaper and needs help navigating stairs. He also can’t feel if his back end gets injured or infected.

Her only hope now is someone will look past what makes him different and let little Forrest run into their hearts.

“He doesn’t take more care than having a normal dog … [it’s] just different care,” Sahler said. “His pure joy and happiness makes any of the work worth it.”

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Jeff Wagner