By Katie Steiner

EXCELSIOR, Minn. — If there is one word to describe Saturday’s weather, it’s windy.

And everyone out at the North American Pond Hockey Championship on Lake Minnetonka felt it.

“The worst part is the wind. If you are facing into it. We got it at our back so we are doing okay now,” Mike Redmond said.

Gail Cookson and Dirk Draayer agreed.

“Just the wind. It’s been brutal. It really has. But it’s so fun, we dress for it. We know what to expect. We’re hearty,” they said.

About 640 adult skaters are signed up to play, along with another 200 mites as well.

Organizers don’t think the weather will keep people away.

“Generally if the sun comes out today like it is right now, the people will come out and walk around and see what it’s about. We are hardy, we live in MN, you got to bundle up and get out there!” Tim Jenzer, the tournament’s Director of Ice said.

Katie Steiner