MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The impeachment trial unfolding in Washington, D.C. is dividing members of the United States Congress in Minnesota.

MN-1 Congressman Jim Hagedorn was among the Republicans storming a U.S. Capitol hearing room in October to protest President Trump’s impeachment. A reliable Trump supporter, Hagedorn was a “no” vote.

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“I oppose the impeachment. It was an overtly-political exercise by the Democrats in my view,” Hagedorn said. “An unwarranted attempt to remove a duly-elected president.”

MN-5 Democrat Ilhan Omar is a “yes” vote to impeach, convict and remove the president from office.

“We believe this president has been lawless,” Omar said.

Unlike almost every other state delegation on impeachment, Minnesota members of Congress did not follow party lines.

MN-7 Democrat Collin Peterson was one of only two Democrats in the entire country to vote “no,” calling it “a partisan exercise.”

“We don’t have any first-hand information about what happened on that phone call,” Peterson said. “It’s all second-hand information.”

The only other Democrat to vote “no” on impeachment was New Jersey Democrat Jeff Van Drew, who switched parties after the vote and became a Republican.

President Trump campaigned in Minnesota last year for MN-8 Republican Pete Stauber, who voted “NO.”

So did MN-6 Rep. Tom Emmer, who heads the Republican Congressional Campaign committee.

Democrats Dean Phillips, MN-3, and Angie Craig, MN-2, are freshmen from political swing districts. They voted “yes” to impeach.

So did MN-4 Congresswoman Betty McCollum, who accused the president of “engaging in a cover-up, obstructing of justice, and betraying his oath of office.”

Minnesota Democratic Senators Amy Klobuchar and Tina Smith are highly critical of President Trump, but are “officially” undecided.

Here’s Minnesota’s Impeachment Scorecard:


  • Hagedorn-R
  • Emmer-R
  • Stauber-R
  • Peterson-D
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  • Craig-D
  • Phillips-D
  • McCollum-D
  • Omar-D


  • Klobuchar-D
  • Smith-D

Three Republicans and one Democrat voted “no.” Four Democrats voted “yes.”
And Minnesota’s two Democratic Senators are sending signals they will vote to convict President Trump for abuse of power and obstruction of Congress.

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