MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Kerwin Walton is the most sought-after senior basketball player in the state who has not committed yet to a college.

Hopkins High School’s self-made pure shooter got into the game later than most of his peers.

“[My high school career] has been great. You know, I picked it up in fifth grade and I just really enjoyed it,” Walton said. “I just worked really hard on it and just got to where I am right now.”

But the attention doesn’t go to his head.

“It’s really exciting. You know, I’m just really glad people come out and support, even, you know, whether they’re home or away, whether they’re, like, fans of my school or the other school,” he said. “I just appreciate people just coming out, taking the time out of their day just to come watch the game.”

Kerwin Walton (credit: CBS)

With college programs trying to draw his interest, Walton’s focus is on playing his best game.

“Getting better, really. You know, just being able to prepare for the next level, especially going into college. You know, I don’t want to go in, you know, being underdeveloped as a freshman,” he said. “I want to be prepared, you know, like working on my defense, you know, handling, shooting and all that other stuff. You know, just so I can, you know, see where my ceiling is and try to play at the highest level I possibly can.”

One thing’s for certain: He’s ready for the college basketball challenge.

“I think I’ll fit in great. You know, especially … playing defense,” he said. “Everyone needs a shooter on every team, so, especially going to the higher levels. I can see all the college and NBA guys, they’re shooting a lot more threes then they used to, so shooting is definitely going to be probably one of the most important skills in basketball right now.”

That’s the confidence you need to make it happen.

Norman Seawright III