MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Arik Matson, the Waseca police officer who was shot in the head earlier this month in the line of duty, is slated to undergo reconstructive surgery Monday afternoon.

Nicole Matson, the officer’s sister-in-law, wrote on a CaringBridge page that Matson was cleared for the surgery Monday after a CT scan came back positive.

Meanwhile, Matson is also undergoing both speech and physical therapy. In the CaringBridge update, it was reported that Matson was able to make sounds and, with the help of straps to simulate standing, put pressure on his legs. He was also able to throw a ball.

Matson was shot on Jan. 6 while responding to a call of a suspicious person in a Waseca neighborhood. The suspect, Tyler Janovsky, is accused of shooting Matson in the head before officers shot him.

Janovsky suffered non-life-threatening injuries. He’s been charged with attempted murder of a peace officer.