MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — There is one high school basketball team in Minnesota that has not only played the most difficult schedule, but they have won every game.

Eden Prairie High School’s boys team has been on a seek-and-destroy mission against everyone.

“Our motto this year is going ‘1 and o and winning every single day,’” senior forward Austin Andrews said. “We’re not really focused on our record right now. We’re focused on winning each and every day, and that’s what given us our success so far.”

If they ever bother to look at their record, they will notice no losses.

“There’s a uniqueness. You know, four of our starters have been starting since their sophomore year, and you can certainly see that in the way that they play and the way they gel together,” head coach David Flom said. “They’re absolutely having a blast together, and you can see it on the court. They’re a fun team to watch, for sure.”

Chemistry improves with time, and when you reach this point, firing on all cylinders, the sky is the limit.

“We’ve grown up together since, you know, third grade. You know, playing AU and regular-season basketball, so, you know, it’s really fun to know where Austin’s going to be on the court, John [Henry] or Connor [Christensen], so [we’ve] really got that bond and it’s just really fun to play with each other,” point guard Drake Dobbs said.

It means knowing their strengths, and playing to them.

“We already know because we’ve been playing together so long,” Andrews said. “We know what each other’s going to do, and we can expose those weaknesses, and that’s what makes us so dangerous on offense.”

And they’re only getting more dangerous.

“They’re dialed in each and every day. It feels like they’re on a mission,” Flom said. “They’re having a blast, so it’s kind of best-case scenario.”

And if you’re having fun, you can never lose.

Norman Seawright III