By John Lauritsen

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, people are looking to be inspired by love. A central Minnesota couple’s marriage milestone just might be the inspiration you need.

On Feb. 9, Andy and Eunice Molitor will celebrate 70 years of marriage.

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An impressive feat considering only about 7% of marriages make it to 50 years.

“You don’t think about it, but oh my God, it is a long time,” said Eunice.

“I don’t know what happened,” said Andy with a laugh.

The years do have a way of flying by. Andy and Eunice Molitor live on the same farm Andy’s great grandfather homesteaded in 1860. It was Andy’s dance moves at a 4-H party that brought the couple together.

“He could dance and I was like, that’s cool,” said Eunice.

When they got married in 1950, gas was 18 cents a gallon and Harry Truman was President. Today, they have 12 kids, 30 grandkids and 45 great grandkids — and they still hold hands every chance they get.

“She’s so kind-hearted,” said Andy. “The biggest secret is — she’s the best woman a guy can have.”

“He’s easy to be with. Easy to talk to. Very understanding,” said Eunice.

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“They do canning together. They bake together. They garden together. Everything! What do they not do together,” said daughters Dori and JoAnn Molitor.

Dori and JoAnn have had a front row seat to a marriage built on milestones and memories.

“It’s kind of like a dance,” said Dori. “If one stumbles a little the other picks up the rhythm.”

They remember their dad buying their mom a diamond necklace for his 80th birthday. The first stone he’d been able to buy her since their wedding day.

“And he said, I wouldn’t be anything without her,” said Dori. “He wasn’t thinking about himself, but thinking about the woman who made him the man he is.”

It’s estimated that .01% of marriages make it 70 years. So maybe it’s the sign on the wall that’s most telling.

“We were born in a time when if something was broken we would fix it, not throw it away,” said Andy. “…Couldn’t be any luckier in life than we are.”

“And have prayer and love and family. It’s all good,” said Eunice.

The Molitors will celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary on Saturday with their family.

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Andy says his best piece of advice for couples — never go to bed mad.

John Lauritsen