By Heather Brown

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Can you imagine losing 90 pounds in just one year? That’s exactly what an Andover woman did, and on Friday she was recognized for it.

Sarah Schroeck was surprised to receive a check for $10,000 from Farrell’s Extreme Bodyshaping CEO Lance Farrell. Each year, the national chain awards that amount of prize money to the woman, and the man, who exhibit the biggest transformation in body and spirit.

Farrell’s stresses transformation, and there’s probably no one who knows Schroeck’s story better than her coach, Cindi Nikituk.

“I sat in on her first scan and first consultation,” she said.

She and Schroeck had to figure out how to break the cycle of losing weight, just to put it back on again.

“We sat down and looked at her scan and came up with a plan, and now she’s 90 pounds lighter,” Nikituk said.

She’s also minus about 60 inches, but perhaps more notable than mere numbers are Schroeck’s words that were written in an essay as part of the contest: “At times I began to doubt myself, but my FXB family was there to reassure me. A year ago I wore a size 24 pants and size XXL shirts. Today I shop for size 4 or 6 and a size small. I am excited to wear a bikini this summer for the first time since high school.”

She has accomplished much more than losing weight.

“Instead of covering up my arm wings, I’m proud to flex them and show off my pipes,” she said. “As I look back at my old pictures beyond the tired old heavy body, I see my eyes. They appear hollow, sad, weak and desperate. Now I see a healthier, confident, beastly person. But honestly, when I look at current pictures, I notice my eyes and I see my authentic self.”

Heather Brown