MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — It’s been awhile since the metro area has seen a significant snowfall.

Theodore Wirth Park was packed with skiers looking for snowy trails.

“This year has been okay for natural snow, but it’s been now quite a while that we’ve been just working our way through what’s there and it’s been getting pretty thin,” David Dingmann said.

Skiers like Dingmann flock to the few places that have snow.

“A lot of the stuff has been driving out to theo wirth park, highland park in Bloomington and some of the places that make snow and skiing there,” Dingmann said.

Dingmann normally skies at Como Park.

“It’s been pretty rough some of the spots I like to go are just like an ice rink. You can’t really ski on them,” Dingmann said.

But soon, that might all change.

“We are getting excited to have some fresh snow get to be able to go to all sorts of places again,” Dingmann said.

Sure, local skiers are just dying for some fresh powder, but everyone over at the Minnesota Department of Transportation has really enjoyed this break from a major snow storm.

“Right now, highways are in good condition because we haven’t had snow for a while and that warmer weather allowed us to melt away some of the areas that might be trouble spots,” Anne Meyer said.

Meyer says the MnDOT is ready to go — all 240 plow drivers will be ready when the snow starts flying, but the timing of this storm might really help them out.

“Having it come in overnight we don’t have as much traffic out there so our plow drivers will probably get ahead of the storm a little bit easier, but this is a prolonged event,” Meyer said.

Which should help skiers like Dingmann get out and enjoy it.

“You stop, you take a break and there’s just silence. That’s what I love about getting out in the natural snow. Hopefully tomorrow, get a chance to do a little of that,” Dingmann said.

If you plan to head out on the roads tomorrow, MnDOT encourages you to check their road conditions website before you leave.

Katie Steiner