MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A bald eagle that was discovered by a runner out for a morning jog earlier this week has been euthanized as a result of his injuries.

The bald eagle was discovered laying on the ground Tuesday morning, not moving in a “well camouflaged area,” according to police.

The runner called emergency services, and a community service officer coordinated an animal rescue with the Raptor Center.

When the Raptor Center volunteer arrived on scene they were able to determine that the eagle had an injured wing.

WCCO checked in with the Raptor Center on Wednesday, and they said the eagle was “feistier” than he was on Tuesday and the swelling in her wings had lessened.

However, on Friday the Raptor Center updated that the eagle’s condition took a severe downturn and they were forced to euthanize it.

They said that they determined the bird had been suffering after likely being electrocuted by power lines he’d flown into.

Police reminded those who find a raptor in distress not to attempt to rehabilitate it on their own. They should contact a licensed professional.