By Mike Max

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Royce Lewis is becoming a veteran of spring training.

And this one is important because he’s coming off a sub-par season.

“Last year for me was just a maturing year definitely,” Lewis said. “Being 19, it’s crazy to think I’m 19, I feel like I’m a 25-year-old playing with all these kids and we’re all not really kids because we don’t act like it but that was that kind of year for me and at the end of the year I finished strong.”

With an already loaded Major League line up they can wait on him but what he needs to do is perform, stay patient and hope his body of work does the talking.

“Obviously everyone wants to move up levels and get to the big leagues, for me, I think focusing on just getting to the big leagues no matter what level I’m at,” Lewis said.

He spent this off-season learning from someone who has been there. Lewis moved to Dallas to be closer to Torii Hunter and train at his personal facility.

“Him and his family were able to take me in as one of their own and I really appreciated it every day, going over to hit and just talk baseball and business as well,” Lewis said.

Because Lewis is under the microscope, but do it right and you can write a big-league ticket for a long time.

“I learned a lot about the game and myself as a person,” added Lewis.

Mike Max