By Kate Raddatz

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) —  A new report details some of the causes of the rising cost of prescription drugs in Minnesota.

Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison presented the findings along with a task force at the State Capitol Wednesday.

Nicole Smith-Holt is co-chair of the task force for lowering pharmaceutical drug costs. She lost her son in 2017.

“He died because he was forced into rationing his insulin because of the crippling cost,” Smith-Holt said.

A new task force report from Attorney General Ellison recommends fourteen proposals, including price transparency, prohibiting price gouging, and enacting a state anti-kickback law. The first recommendation is for a prescription drug affordability commission.

“The high cost of prescription drugs, it affects everyone because everyone sooner or later is a patient,” Ellison said.

Republican Senator Scott Jensen (R) said he wanted to see the recommendations turned into legislation.

“Let’s identify the problem, let’s look at the policy that would solve the problem, and when we find a policy that would solve the problem let’s call it a day,” Senator Jensen said.

Governor Tim Walz said earlier Wednesday he was glad addressing the cost of insulin was getting traction in the legislature.

“The sticking point is still where it was in May, whether the pharmaceutical manufacturers should take part in the pay of this,” the Governor said.

The Minnesota Nurses Association said it supports the recommendations made in the Attorney General’s task force report.

The full report is available online here.

Kate Raddatz