MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — St. Croix Prep is a small school in Stillwater. This season, that school is gaining recognition because of the boys’ basketball team, a team that has not lost a game.

The captains of St. Croix Prep Boys Basketball expected a couple of things this season.

“We got stopped by Minnehaha last year and we wanted to take the next step and make it to state,” Zach Doey said. “I knew we’d be pretty good, but I didn’t think we’d be to this point.

What they got was looking unstoppable from the beginning of the season all the way until now.

“You’ve got a target on your back every night. Most night’s we’ll get the team’s best, so we’ve just got to bring it every night,” Daniel McCarrell said.

They’re relentless because literally that’s how they practice.

“The guys do get upset sometimes when they don’t hear a whistle on a foul, and it could be a deciding point for a competitive game. And they’re looking at us and we’re not bailing them out. That’s going to happen in a game,” coach Keven Seim said. “We just go bottom five, middle five, top five. And that’s kind of how we break it up. And there are occasions where the bottom five will win.”

Everyone shares in the success. No matter how far they go, they’ll remember the thrill of being on an unstoppable team.

Norman Seawright III