MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Some Minnesota voters say they were surprised to hear Senator Klobuchar’s announcement to drop out of the race.

Others say they expected it.

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Most people WCCO spoke with say they understand why she dropped out.

But others feel her support for the former vice-president Joe Biden is more of the same old political game that stands in the way of progress.

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“Now there is going to be more votes for Biden and less for Bernie; we don’t need a moderate we need a progressive,” K.P. Price of St. Paul said.

“I like Amy but I think she was wise because she is taking votes. I mean, if she stays in and doesn’t do any better she’d be taking votes from people, from some of the others I think would do a better job of running against our president,” Mary P. Williams of St. Paul said.

“In some ways I saw it coming. There is a lot of activism and energy coming from largely Black Lives Matter area organizers who thought it was really important to lift up the story of Mr. Myon and everything he was going through, and being incarcerated in his case, I think it’s really important to think about our criminal justice system and how that aligns with our racial justice priorities for those who are running for the presidency,” Amber Jones said.

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Most of the voters WCCO spoke with say they respect Senator Klobuchar. They say they’re proud of how she handled the national spotlight.