MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Minnesota’s first presidential primary in decades is well underway. It’s part of a Super Tuesday showdown for national Democrats that could go a long way to determining their official nominee.

Seventy-five national convention delegates from Minnesota are up for grabs and 1,357 overall in the 14 states and two territories are holding primaries today. That’s more than one-third of all of the Democratic convention delegates at the party’s national convention in Milwaukee this summer.

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On the eve of Super Tuesday, Senator Amy Klobuchar announced that she was dropping out of the presidential race at a rally for Joe Biden in Dallas.

The decision to support Biden comes one day after protesters forced her campaign to cancel a political rally in St. Louis Park.

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So now that Klobuchar has exited the race, what will happen to her delegates?

Well, if your precinct awards presidential delegates to Klobuchar on Super Tuesday, those delegates are still bound to that candidate, according to the Minnesota DFL. The exception to this rule is if a dropped out candidate releases their delegates, allowing them to vote freely at the National Convention.

So far, Klobuchar has not publicly released her delegates.

WCCO-TV reached out to the Klobuchar campaign to see if/when she plans to do so. We did not immediately hear back.