MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Minnesotans might be opening their windows for the first time in months, as the forecast for calls for temperatures in the Twin Cities to climb well above average.

Saturday looks to be mostly sunny with temperatures in the mid-50s. Sunday brings the real warmth, with afternoon highs expected to punch above 60 degrees. To put that in perspective, the average high in the Twin Cities this time of year is in the upper 30s.

With the warm weather ahead this weekend, WCCO took to Facebook and Twitter to ask a controversial question for Minnesotans. When can you start wearing shorts?


On Twitter, 42% of viewers (a plurality) said that the 60s are an appropriate time to start wearing shorts and 30% said the 50s were perfect shorts weather.

“Shorts are acceptable year-round. Just keep a pair of snow pants in the trunk in case of emergency and you’re good to go,” @RealtorSteveMN said.

According to @GrahmPelowski, “Anything above 0,” is when the shorts can come out.


On Facebook, 61% of viewers said 60 degrees is warm enough to wear shorts.

“It’s just too hot. Period. I wear tank tops year round. A light sweatshirt is my ‘coat.’ I’m ready for winter to start over,” Shelley Fonkert Wicks said.

However, some people felt differently about the appropriate time to put on shorts.

“Ideal temperature for shorts is 95 and sunny,” Connie Brekken said.