MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — It’s an unusual case of theft: someone stole a dog from the Animal Humane Society.

On midday Wednesday afternoon, the St. Paul Animal Humane Society was bustling, but someone was missing. Her name is Beezie.

“She was cute, really really cute and I think a good personality. She was a great dog,” Astrid Kammueller, site manager for St. Paul’s Animal Humane Society, said.

The pitbull-mix puppy came in as a stray, but now she’s gone again.

“This is really rare,” Kammueller said.

They say amidst the Saturday bustle, someone asked to meet Beezie and somehow bypassed the step of leaving their license at the desk.

Because it’s so crowded, the way it typically works at the Animal Humane Society is if someone wants to see a dog, they take them outside for a walk.

St. Paul Police say a pair took Beezie, walked her out the door and then drove off in a blue SUV, without paying the $500 adoption fee or completing the paperwork.

“We want to be open, so if somebody has information and knows about Beezie and can bring her back to us, bring her back,” Kammueller said. “We are interested in getting her back safe and sound and really that’s what we want.”

They say Beezie is a puppy who needs a high level of care, and they want her to find a forever home the right way.

The St. Paul Animal Humane Society says they will look at their visitor policy, but say they have up to 2,000 dogs walked a year without a problem.

Susan-Elizabeth Littlefield