MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A Minnesota woman is sharing her experience of her whole family self quarantining at home while she waits on test results to see whether or not she has COVID-19.

Alyssa, from St. Bonnie, got swabbed for COVID-19 on Monday.

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“I had a cough, I had a fever, I just was feeling run down and I knew it was in Minnesota,” she said.

Alyssa was handed a sheet telling her to stay isolated at home, and then sent on her way.

“They literally handed me the piece of paper and expected me to absorb it,” Alyssa said. “I’m like what about my child?”

Now she, her husband, and daughter are at home being quarantined for 72 hours until test results come in. Her other family members have no symptoms, but they too cannot go out.

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Her husband has to borrow future sick time.

Alyssa says she and her family haven’t left their home and won’t let her parents see any of them for safety.

“I have my husband and child,” Alyssa said. “What about these elderly single people that are just sitting at home? I really feel for them during this time.”

If Alyssa tests positive for COVID-19, she’ll have to be quarantined until she is symptom-free for at least 72 hours. Each case may be handled differently.

If Alyssa tests positive, her husband and daughter would also get tested.

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A representative for the Minnesota Department of Health told WCCO they do not know how many people are being asked to self quarantine due to the rapidly changing situation. They are only tracking positive cases.

Kate Raddatz