MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Whether or not you’re actually sick, COVID-19 is affecting everyone. One North Minneapolis church is taking an extra hard hit, as they work double time to serve their neighbors in need.

Gethsemane Lutheran is a neighborhood church on mission. They run an affordable daycare center, and an active food shelf that’s more active than ever.

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“We’ve doubled the number of folks coming to use the food shelf,” Rev. Jeff Nehrbass said. “We had 120 people in our basement on Monday. We normally have between 50 and 60.”

Thanks to COVID-19, there’s a rush on food. As they work to stock shelves, they need money and food donations — and they need more volunteers.

“Folks who are willing to help out, come and volunteer, risk a little bit of what’s going on to help those in need,” Nehrbass said.

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He says there’s also a need for childcare, which means the care staff is still caring for kids.

“They are afraid that to do their part, to keep our community working, is going to cost to them or their families. So they are deeply skittish right now,” Nerhbass said.

He says it’s an unforeseen situation this historic church has never seen before.

“Increased need, less capacity, people who are afraid to provide services legitimately so, for their own families,” Nehrbass said.

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If you’d like to help give money to the food shelf or volunteer, click here.