MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The Edina Police Department says a 26-year-old Michigan man was recently arrested for a hit-and-run that injured an Edina high school student on Jan. 23.

Kyla Avant was struck by a Chevy Malibu as she was waiting to get on her school bus on a Thursday morning. The bus’ stop arm was extended and its lights were flashing at the time. Police later located the car that hit her in Mankato, after receiving more than 25 tips from the public.

Now Carlton Duke Troutman is in custody at the Eaton County Jail in Michigan. Authorities say he’s been charged with second-degree assault.

WCCO spoke with Avant’s grandmother on Thursday. She says this is the news that the family has been waiting for. The family is elated and relieved that a suspect has been arrested, saying that they always maintained faith that the person would be captured, and that they appreciate the support of the community which helped get them through the situation.