MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Coronavirus (COVID-19) hit the sports world hard: athletes from the pros down to high school.

Seniors from an undefeated team, who would have been top-seeded in this year’s state tournament, spoke with our Norman Seawright III about how they’re dealing with having one of the best times of their lives taken away from them.

Eden Prairie High School’s undefeated boys’ basketball team would have been competing in the state tournament. Coronavirus changed that.

With no tournament, no prom, no hanging out, it’s a lot for them to cope with.

But in the down time, they’ve quickly come up with silver linings.

Although the viral pandemic has robbed these kids of a normal high school experience — and maybe even a state championship — it’s driven home a valuable lesson basketball already taught them: we’re all in this together.

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Norman Seawright III