By Katie Steiner

ST. PAUL (WCCO) — Abundant sunshine and temperatures in the 30’s drew thousands of Minnesotans outside Saturday to enjoy the nice weather after many spent the weekend limiting their social contact.

Paul Kotz is a teacher and he took a walk around Lake Como Saturday morning.

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“It’s just great to be around Como Park and get the sunshine! The sunshine feels so good,” Kotz said.

Peter Ullman spent the morning enjoying nature and taking photos of the wildlife on the lake. For him and many all around the country, his week took a turn he never really expected. The dental office he works at closed its doors for a couple weeks.

“It’s like an extended all-of-a-sudden vacation. At first its seems like that, but then it became like quarantine. It felt weird to leave the house,” Ullman said. “But this is like a serotonin jolt. It’s just beautiful outside. Makes you feel alive again. With all the negative crap going on, it’s nice to have some nature to sooth the soul.”

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Jessica Willman brought her family out to Lake Como to burn off some energy.

“It’s wonderful! I’m glad that it’s sunny and spring, well Minnesota spring, and that we have the chance to go outside since so many options for kids are closed right now,” Willman said.

She told us the sunshine and nice day make all the difference.

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“It’s refreshing. The sun is amazing. It feels really normal when everything else is a little bit crazy,” Willman said.

Katie Steiner