MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Two weeks ago, we told you about an Eagan couple who were hoping to start administering in-home COVID-19 anti-body tests.

The tests have arrived and the couple who are Urgent Care PA’s have been giving them to about 100 people.

“Oh my Lord it was from 0-100 very very quickly and that came from email, text messages, people wanting information, what is your test, what can it do,” James Riggen said.

They are working with a North Carolina Company who produced this test newly approved by the FDA for distribution. These are tests that need to be administered by health care providers.

“So far the testing has been really, really smooth,” Riggen said.

The Riggen’s and their team go into people’s homes, and administer a finger prick test that detects antibodies against COVID-19, in 15 minutes patients get results.

They’ve given more than 100 tests in eight days. They’ve had at least 14 patients test positive.

Riggen says the demand for the test far outweighs supply.

“The most important thing is that the test is as accurate as it can be and that it’s helping the most people we can help,” he said.

They are giving preference to health care workers, people who are vulnerable and people who have been sick for five to seven days, which is when the test is most effective.

Those who do test positive he says have an array of symptoms.

“We are seeing are the dry cough, chest tightness and people describe the inability to take a deep breath and a lot of those patients, their oxygen is at 99 or 100 percent but they have this feeling that they just aren’t able to fully fill their lungs with air. We’ve also seen a lot of people mention a loss of sense of smell and that’s unique,” Riggen said.

He says the virus that’s testing us needs to be tested.

“We need more data points and then we’ll be able to handle it a bigger level,” Riggen said.

The LX Medical test is not covered by insurance, and it costs $99.

For more information on the anti-body test, click here.

Susan-Elizabeth Littlefield