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MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Minnesota Governor Tim Walz focused his entire State of State address Sunday night on fighting COVID-19.

He says he knows the last few weeks have been difficult trying to slow the spread of the outbreak, but that it’s going to get harder.

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“Right at the time Minnesotans are usually putting away their shovels and snowblowers, opening up their windows, and emerging from their homes, we are bracing for a storm of epic proportions,” Walz said.

He gave his speech, that lasted less than 15 minutes, from inside the governor’s mansion. He used his time to acknowledge the challenges families are facing, including lost jobs, home schooling, and working from home. He thanked the efforts of parents and children doing their part.

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He urged Minnesotans to stay home, saying it is “the only vaccine we have right now.”

The governor also thanked Minnesota companies like 3M, Medtronic and Mayo Clinic for being at the forefront of manufacturing supplies and research.

Walz ended his speech on a note of hope, saying that “a new day will come.”

“We won’t just make it to spring. We will come out better on the other side of this winter because we are Minnesotans. We see challenges and we tackle them,” Walz said.

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Kate Raddatz