MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Attorney General Keith Ellison is asking Minnesotans to report any sign of price gouging.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, Minnesota was one of the few states that did not have a specific price gouging law. But since then, Gov. Tim Walz signed a special order prohibiting price gouging during the crisis.

So far, Ellison has fielded more than 900 complaints on price gouging on items ranging from toilet paper to cleaning supplies.

In order to report price gouging, you can call 651-296-3353 and 800 657 -3787.

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In the midst of trying to crack down on price gouging and scammers, Ellison lost his own mother to pneumonia. Like so many, he and his family could not have the goodbye they wanted; they could not have a Catholic mass for her funeral.

“When we brought her to the burial site, only three people could be at her internment and I got four brothers and there is five of us, so we had to pick between each other who could be there when they lowered Mom into the ground,” Ellison said. “We all wanted to be there and I really grieve for people who can’t do for their loved ones what they really want to do at a moment like this. We have been through it and it’s not easy.”

While the procedures and rules surrounding the funeral and burial were difficult, Ellison said they were also understandable considering the circumstances.

Esme Murphy