By Mike Max

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Kirby Puckett’s family will soon auction off some of his memorabilia, from a game-worn 1991 World Series jersey, to baseballs and gold gloves.

Catherine Puckett, her daughter, and Kirby Puckett Jr. (credit: CBS)

Catherine and Kirby Puckett Jr. decided to move some of their dad’s memorabilia, with money going into a family trust and some charities.

“It’s nice to have physical items that bring back memories,” Kirby Jr. said. “It was nice going through them, just seeing all the items we had at our old house, and just thinking about the times that we would just look at these items and just enjoy them.”

(credit: CBS)

As they looked back through it, the memories of him came alive; not as a baseball player, but a father.

“My best memories, I would say him coming to my sports games and my track games and stuff when I was a kid, like that was, for me, that’s what I remember,” Catherine said.

They will sell it in three different installments, which means there will be plenty of conversations about number 34.

(credit: Rick Stewart/Getty Images)

“They say, ‘Wow!’ And then they tell me a great story that they’ve had when they met my dad or something like that, or just how my dad touched them in their life, how he was their hero,” Kirby Jr. said.

Catherine has an 11-month-old daughter, and she knows Kirby would’ve been one incredible grandfather.

“Oh my goodness, he for sure would just want to kiss and love on her, and joke around about how naughty I was as a kid [laughs]! Make sure she saw the straight and narrow,” Catherine said.

Mike Max