By Kate Raddatz

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A local trainer is using his time off being furloughed to fill a need in the fitness community.

Josh Chalupsky, from St. Louis Park, has been making large plyo boxes in his garage for sale. The boxes are used often in the Crossfit world of fitness but anyone can use them for plyometric exercises.

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“I work a lot and it’s just kind of in my nature,” Josh said. “My girlfriend was all about it because she knew I’d go crazy if I didn’t start doing something,”

He got the idea from his brother who sent him his own plyo box, that he made, so Josh could do some of his training at home. His brother, who is still employed, encouraged Josh to see if there was demand for homemade plyo boxes.

“Right now everybody is kind of scrambling for fitness equipment,” Josh said.

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Josh’s girlfriend helped with the design using a computer model, and he did a little digging on YouTube. When he posted the finished product for sale on Instagram, he was flooded with requests.

“It was overwhelming at first,” Josh said. “Right now I’m booked out until mid-May or so.”

Each box takes around four hours to make. One buyer offered to donate their box to a front line worker. Josh matched the donation, and other buyers have followed.

“It’s just one way to say thank you to them,” Josh said.

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If you’re interested in purchasing a plyo box, check out Josh’s Instagram page here.

Kate Raddatz