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MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — If the St. Paul Saints play at CHS Field this summer, it’s possible the fan experience will look quite different, according to general manager Derek Sharrer.

“We’re going to be prepared to host fans safely,” Sharrer said. “No question the experience will be different.”

Sharrer said fans could notice the difference before they even enter the park.

“We are planning on some sort of health screening as people enter,” Sharrer said. “Maybe it’s temperature or some other form of screening along those lines.”

Perhaps the most obvious difference would be that the stands won’t be packed full of fans.

“We’re at approximately 25% – 25% capacity under this current plan,” he said.

Groups of game goers would have an empty row in front of and behind them, and at least three seats to the left or right of them.

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“There are significant financial implications to playing to less than capacity or a fourth of capacity. There are significant financial implications to not playing at all,” Sharrer said.

Transactions would be cashless, and surfaces would be disinfected often. Employees would be screened before starting a shift, and wear gloves and masks.

The schedule is still being finalized, so tickets aren’t available yet. And the safety plan could change if guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention do.

So yes, Saints games could be a little different this summer, but it will still be a ball game.

“Having that experience, even with a smaller group of people, is still going to be that experience we’re all craving,” Sharrer said.

The Saints say this plan follows CDC and state health guidelines. It was developed with the help of HealthPartners and city of St. Paul.

The new schedule should be out in a few weeks.

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Erin Hassanzadeh