MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Are you worried about how you’re going to pay rent?

A new survey by Apartment Guide finds four in 10 renters won’t be able to pay rent in upcoming months.

Kim Johnson sat down with Barry Carberry, the managing editor for Apartment Guide. He says 90% of renters were able to make their April payments on time, but he worries about future months.

If you’re a renter facing financial difficulties, Carberry suggests talking to your landlord and being transparent. He says they will work with you.

Don’t focus on what you can’t do, but say what you can do.

Let them know if you can pay half your rent right now. See if they will work out an agreement that when things open back up you can have a couple months to catch up on rent.

There is a hold on evictions through July.

However, if the economy opens back up on July 1, and you haven’t had any conversations about rent with your landlord or property manager, they could evict you on the spot, Carberry says.

So that’s why it’s good to have a conversation and agreement in place.