MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Long hours and exhaustive shifts. That’s what many in health care experience because of COVID-19.

But the group Feeding the Frontline MN has stepped in to keep them fueled during this crisis.

And your small gift can fill up doctors and nurses in more ways than one.

A special delivery is winding its way around the circle drive at the Minneapolis VA Hospital.

“We are so excited about the opportunity to show the doctors and the nurses how much we appreciate them and how much they mean to us and the community for keeping us safe, ”said Juell Robert, owner Peoples Organic.

Peoples Organic owner Juell Robert, is excited to play a role in supporting front-line workers fighting Covid-19.

Each meal perfectly prepared, unloaded and wheeled into the VA.

The meals gives busy hospital workers a break from their lifesaving duties to replenish themselves.

“It’s always a surprise people really enjoy getting them, a lot of gratitude,” said registered nurse Shawn Yin. “It’s exciting to see the different things that are delivered because it’s not your pizza or your sandwiches.”

Yin says medical staff at the VA spend countless hours working. Receiving these meals help these nurses and doctors know they are not alone.

“It does send a message of appreciation,” Yin said.

Feeding the Frontline MN was designed to do just that… show appreciation for the dedication these workers show everyday by providing them food to fuel their bodies.

“It was wonderful it was very filling and not just in a physical sense but kind of in a spiritual way too you know feeling that we are in this together,” said Dr. James Wallace.

Dr. James Wallace says the smiles on the faces of staff when they receive the meals are priceless.

Feeding the Frontline MN says supporting these workers is one way everyone can play in role in the fight against COVID-19.

Just a $10 gift provides an entree and snack for a health care worker.

To make a donation as part of our Day of Giving, please click here.

Reg Chapman