By Marielle Mohs

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey spoke at a press conference Wednesday at Ole Olsen Park. This was the first time he’s spoken in-person at a press conference since his State of the City address three weeks ago.

During his address, he said the city was providing millions of dollars in emergency funding for small businesses and people in need.

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“The status of COVID-19 and the sheer magnitude of the virus makes it so that money, that emergency assistance, was not enough,” Frey said.

Mayor Frey called on federal partners to step up for small businesses and renters.

“We are going to need help. We haven’t gotten any cares funding yet, I know that’s being worked through right now at the state level, and we’re going to need the assistance,” Frey said.

When asked how he sees his role as a city leader during this pandemic, he said he’s looking at Gov. Tim Walz’s leadership to guide his own.

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“We’ve been signing emergency regulations just as the governor has and we’ve been aligned,” Frey said.

Mayor Frey said he’s holding strong on two promises he’s made for the people who live in Minneapolis.

“We’ve made the promise that core city services are going to continue to function, period, no matter what,” Frey said, “and we’ve made the promise that prioritize those who are struggling most, first.”

Mayor Frey also mentioned that his team is working right now to put some kind of city-wide mandate on wearing masks. He said an announcement should be coming soon.

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Marielle Mohs