By Mike Max

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — In Minneapolis, thousands gathered on Friday at U.S. Bank Stadium for what they called the “10k March,” which was led by local athletes.

A week ago, the “Take A Knee” rally was interrupted by a semi-truck barreling through a group of peaceful protesters on the I-35W bridge. Now, however, the group is seeking to reclaim their space, and refocus their mission.

So far, the protesters have been able to sustain their mission of dismantling racism and holding police accountable. They’ve been fueled by adrenaline over the past week, but they know that if they want to make real change, they’ll have to keep their focus.

“I think next week and the week after, the people who want to continue these types of grassroots efforts are going to have to find their message,” Royce White said.

White, a former NBA athlete, helped organize the event with P.J. Hill, a former football running-back.

It was inspired by Colin Kaepernick, who in 2016, took a knee during an NFL game to protest brutality against Black Americans. The act inspired protests throughout the nation.

The protesters gathered on the plaza of the U.S. Bank Stadium as National Guard members looked on, as the streets were filled with their humvee’s.

The marches have become a symbol, and a place where they build unity. The march ended at the Federal Reserve Bank building when the group that was still left took a silent knee, in what they called a very powerful moment.

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Mike Max