By Reg Chapman

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Retailers in the Uptown area are looking for help in identifying people who looted their businesses.

Business and shop owners near Lake and Hennepin areas were broken into, looted and some burned after George Floyd’s fatal arrest.

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“It only takes a walk down Hennepin or a walk down Lake Street and you can see all the damage,” said Scott Nelson.

The damage left behind from rioters and looters during the uprising after Floyd’s death is significant.

“This is all being recorded live,” Nelson said.

Retail Crime Investigator Scott Nelson watched much of it live as cameras recorded a steady flow of people walking in and out of Uptown businesses.

“That night they were just on a looting spree. They were running out of businesses all over the Lake and Hennepin area stealing what they could steal, grab what they could grab and then run out,” said Nelson.

The video captured looters climbing over vans parked in front of a business to break windows and gain access. Once inside they used pillow cases and shopping carts to take merchandise.

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One looter is seen dancing for joy.

“We want to make everybody accountable here for their actions,” Nelson said. “We are going to identify these people, we’re going to locate them and we’re going to get them charged up.”

The first to enter one of the businesses had on masks but the looters that followed did not and cameras captured their every move.

Nelson hopes people recognize these faces and calls in to report them, he says these small business owners should not have to take a loss.

“They are struggling to stay open. They are staying open for the people of the communities and then they have to deal with this on top of it,” Nelson said.

Retailers in Uptown are working together to catch the people they believe are connected to lots of looting on Friday, May 29.

“I’m telling them to save their video, make police reports. We want to make sure these people are held accountable for their actions that night,” said Nelson.


If you can identify anyone in the video call Retail Crime Investigator Scott Nelson at 612-600-5544.

Reg Chapman