MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A GoFundMe has been set up for a family whose three dogs were shot and killed outside their home last week.

According to police, officers responded Tuesday to reports of shots being fired near the intersection of Milton Street and Charles Avenue. Upon arrival, officers were flagged down by a group of people in front of a house on the 900 block of Charles Avenue. There, officers found a trail of blood leading up to the house’s porch where a Rottweiler named Charlotte was bleeding profusely.

Officers then followed another blood trail to a second Rottweiler named Kingston, who was found in a nearby alleyway. A third dog, a Great Dane by the name of Sky, was also found unresponsive in the front yard. All three dogs died of their injuries.

The dogs’ owner said he had recently let the dogs out of the house into the fenced-in backyard. However, police say one of the gates may have been open and the dogs might have left the yard.

Officers who’ve worked in that neighborhood for years, including Tom Reis, got the money together to pay for vet bills and the burial.

“We all feel so, so sorry for what had happened. it’s very unfortunate,” Reis said.

The officers gave the family information about a GoFundMe account set up to help the family get new pets.

There is also a phone number available for anyone with information on who is responsible for shooting the dogs: 651-266-6179.