By Kate Raddatz

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The parents of a brother and sister involved in a fatal wrong-way crash on 35W last month are sharing promising news about their child that survived.

Alaura and Tyler Fried were one of four friends that were struck in their vehicle by a wrong-way driver on June 20 in Richfield. Tyler, 27, Briana Vazquez, 25, and Hassan Abdulmalik, 28, were all killed.

“Sometimes it’s real, sometimes it’s not,” Gena Fried, the mother of Alaura and Tyler, said.

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Gena, from Lakeville, remembers kissing her son goodbye that night before the group left.

“It’s no surprise [Tyler and Alaura] were in the backseat together,” she said. “They were always together.”

Alaura, 25, was the only one to survive the crash, but she suffered a broken hip and fractured skull. She was taken to HCMC in critical condition, in a coma and on a ventilator.

Gena only got a few minutes with her daughter in the hospital at first due to COVID restrictions.

“I was like just fight hunny, fight as hard as you can,” Gena said. “And she did.”

Described as driven and feisty by her parents, Alaura went from critical condition in the ICU, to being out of her coma, off the ventilator, and talking within days. Gena called her daughter’s progress “a miracle.”

Alaura’s hospital room is covered in balloons and posters from her prayer warriors. Gena and Alaura’s father, Michael, believe Tyler has never left Alaura’s side

“He is right beside her cheering her on,” Gena said.

Gena and Michael thanked the community for the support and asked to keep prayers coming for Alaura. Their hope is she will be able to get off the feeding tube this week.

“Hug your kids, love your kids because you just don’t know what’s around the corner,” Michael said.

The wrong-way driver in the other vehicle also died.

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Kate Raddatz