MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – After COVID-19 outbreaks forced meat packing plants throughout the midwest to shut down, many pig farmers were left with too many animals, forcing them to put some pigs down.

However the dilemma brought together a pig farmer in northwestern Iowa and Kelly Tope, founder of Farmaste Animal Sanctuary in Lindstrom, Minnesota.

After hearing about the potential euthanasia of pigs, Tope reached out to pig farmers in the area to see how her sanctuary could help. She spoke to the Iowa farmer, who had not yet euthanized any animals, but was watching the grim reality impact others.

He then decided to proactively surrender two pigs – Charlotte and Phoebe – to Farmaste.

“They have already started to grow into a routine here,” said Tope. “They have fond their home here already.”

Charlotte and Phoebe will spend their days in the pasture and wallowing in the pond.