MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A month removed from the riots and demonstrations that took over the Twin Cities in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death, there is now the continuation of that movement.

Protesters marched Saturday night in downtown Minneapolis to take a stand against the Fourth of July because it does not represent freedom to them.

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A group called 10K Foundation, which is in part put together by local athletes, organized Saturday’s Black 4th March. They first met at the plaza next to U.S. Bank Stadium early Saturday evening. Juan Coleman is one of the march’s organizers.

Marchers gather at U.S. Bank Stadium (credit: CBS)

“We call it the ‘Black March’ because of all the wrongdoings that’s been going on in the country of the United States,” Coleman said.

March participant Marvin Singleton says he wants to bring attention to the fact that the holiday does not represent freedom to many Black Americans.

“Some people want to celebrate independence, but what independence are you celebrating? Everybody that look like me, all of my Black people were still in slavery during this time,” Singleton said.

This was the fifth Twin Cities march organized by the 10K Foundation.

Mike Max