MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A family is determined to reunite with their new puppy after she was stolen from their yard.

Luna, the big-eyed, pure-bred Pitbull pup went home with the Fivecoat family two months ago. She immediately stole Jessica Fivecoat’s heart.

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“To be honest with you, all the other dogs were taken, and she was the runt,” Fivecoat said. “Me and her have been pretty much inseparable ever since.”

(credit: Jessica Fivecoat)

Last Friday, Luna wandered into the backyard.

“I told myself a million times I should have just went and got her instead of telling one of the kids, ‘Hey, go see where Luna’s at,’” Fivecoat said.

By the time Fivecoat got to the backyard, Luna was gone. A neighbor’s surveillance footage shows exactly what happened: Someone lures Luna in before driving off.

“So she walked over to see what the treat was, and when she realized he didn’t have it she kinda turned and he had already scooped her up by then,” Fivecoat said. “They just took my kid is what it felt like.”

(credit: CBS)

Police later shared a photo with Fivecoat of the car that drove off with Luna inside. They told her the red MINI Cooper was stolen.

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“The dog has become part of our family and it feels like one of our kids,” Fivecoat said. “I feel very violated.”

After talking with neighbors, Fivecoat says she learned Luna is not the first to go missing.

“When people put out rewards then they get the dogs back, so rewards could be anywhere from a couple hundred bucks, to $500, to like $1,000,” she said.

Fivecoat is offering a reward, too. Whatever it takes to get her Luna back safe and sound.

“I just keep telling everybody, like, we’re going to bring Luna to visit you as soon as we get her home, don’t worry. You’re going to get to meet her,” Fivecoat said.

Minneapolis police are working on this case. They couldn’t confirm if other dogs have gone missing in a similar fashion.

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Anyone with information on Luna’s whereabouts is urged to call 911.

Erin Hassanzadeh