By Erin Hassanzadeh

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — It seems unlikely for one little bakery to attract enough generosity to lift the spirits of an entire town.

But Ali Hatoum, owner of Morning Glory’s Bakery Café in Rosemount, may disagree

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“[A customer] handed me a $100 dollar e-gift card that he printed and he just wanted a cup of coffee. He didn’t want any change or anything,” Hatoum said.

He has owned and worked at Morning Glory’s with his wife in Rosemount for 22 years, but never through a pandemic.

“We were worried about are we going to get our customers back,” Hatoum said.

Many have shown their support, but one customer walked in last week wanting to pass it on to those in uniform. This comes after hearing from a friend that officers asked a waiter in downtown Minneapolis if they were welcomed inside the restaurant.

“She said she wanted to do something nice for the police department,” Hatoum said.

That customer is Karen Dyck of Rosemount, who left $320 as a credit at Morning Glory’s for Rosemount police officers.

“The police department, including the chief, happen to frequent the place, so it all seemed to make sense,” Dyck said. “I’m of the philosophy that the more you give, the more you get.”

Dyck’s daughter-in-law is in law enforcement.

“It was personal to me because I think the vast majority of police officers are good,” Dyck said.

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She didn’t know it at the time, but Dyck’s donation was not the first.

“The chiropractor here, Pro Health Chiropractic, Dr. Scott had donated $200 three weeks before that,” Hatoum said. “Coincidence.”

And more keep calling.

“Actually today we got a call from a couple and they wanted to do $50,” Hatoum said.

Rosemount Police Chief Mikael Dahlstrom is honored by his community’s generosity.

“Our mission statement says ‘partnership with the community.’ That’s how it starts, and we believe in that, and now we feel that the community believes in us,” Dahlstrom said.

The officers didn’t miss the chance to pass it on to 9-year-old Kamryn Johnson, who is raising money for businesses in Minneapolis by making and selling bracelets.

“I spent my lunch money and several officers did that. They would’ve spent the week,” Dahlstrom said. “I can tell you what this has done for us is create a domino effect of opportunity.”

Perhaps it’s unlikely that this exact bakery is a magnet for goodness. But then again, maybe not.

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“It continues on and we’re thankful,” Hatoum said.

Erin Hassanzadeh