By Reg Chapman

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Neighborhoods across Minneapolis are dealing with an uptick in the number of daily shootings.

Shot spotter activations are up 72% from this time last year.

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Many in these communities turn to social media to see what happened over night and there are details of who was shot, where and when.

Mayor Jacob Frey gave city council members numbers to back up what residents experience every day.

“During the week of July 14, there were 146 shot spotter activations. During the week of July 21, there were 152 activations,” said Frey

Frey says in the past two weeks, 32 people have been shot. Many were innocent bystanders.

“Year-to-date this has been a higher shooting victim total than the last five years, with 288 victims. The next closest is 2016 with 178,” Frey said.

Friday morning, a mother posted pictures showing how bullets flew through her son’s bedroom. They went through the mattress and out the backside of the home.

She says it was rapid fire, coming from all directions around 2:30 a.m.

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Tra Pollard, Founder of We Push For Peace says he and his crews hit the streets nightly, trying to defuse situations before they turn violent.

They’re having conversations too, on how to end the violence.

“We at the table, with these young men and these young women, and right now it’s just conversation,” said Pollard.

He believes a collaboration between business and the community could create opportunities for those involved in the shootings.

“Some of the young men and women who will tell you: ‘that if you show me something different I’ll do something different,’” Pollard said.

Pollard suggests offering young people an alternative, then they will put the guns down.

When offered proper employment, Pollard says, people say “I’ll get up and go to work every single solitary day if I had the opportunity to.”

There are young people who want out of gangs and away from guns.

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Many organizations, including We Push for Peace, are getting area business owners to offer them opportunities.

Reg Chapman