MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Over 700 Minnesotans have received unsolicited “mystery seed” packages in the mail, according to the Minnesota Department of Agriculture.

The packages contain a variety of seeds such as cosmos, radish, mung bean, juniper, basil, cucurbit and zinnia.

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MDA says there is no indication the seeds went through inspection or proper labeling. On Monday, they said they believed the seeds were coming from China.

The MDA is working with the USDA on the issue; other states such as Wisconsin, Louisiana, Utah, Virginia, and Washington have reported similar issues. All seeds collected in Minnesota will be sent to USDA for additional identification and destruction.

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Those who received the packages indicated they either never made an online seed order, or they bought seeds online earlier in the year but their order had never been fulfilled.

Credit: MDA

Minnesotans should do the following if they have received unsolicited packages or seeds:

  • Save the seeds and the package they came in, including the mailing label
  • Do not open the seed packets
  • Do not plant any of the seeds.
  • If the packets are already opened, place all materials (seeds and packaging) into a tightly sealed plastic bin.
  • Contact the MDA through this form. 
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If you have already planted the seeds, MDA asks that you destroy any plants which have germinated.