MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Bloomington Public Schools is changing how it plans to return to the classroom. Initially, the district announced a hybrid model. Now, it’s all online.

Bloomington schools said in planning, it became clear they could not accommodate the requests from staff and families to balance safety with a quality learning experience.

The state is requiring districts to allow staff members, like teachers, to work remotely if they do not feel safe.

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WCCO spoke with the Nguyen family who is doing their best to adapt. Dad was recently got laid off, mom is in school and their four little ones miss their classmates.

“They don’t have the friends, don’t have the teachers,  just look at the iPad and do the homework,” Lin Nguyen said.

The vote passed unanimously through the school board this week. Bloomington schools say it will look to move to a hybrid model throughout the year, using guidance from health and education officials.

Christiane Cordero