By Lisa Meadows

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A strong cold front came through on Sunday, and took summer with it. Long sleeves and short lines have been the story today when it comes to kayaking out on Bde Mka Ska.

“Usually people come here in shorts and a swimsuit ready to get wet in the water but since the cold front people have been dressing in hoodies, rain jackets, ponchos everything to keep warm,” said Adam Dal Lago, Manager of Wheel Fun Rentals.

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Central Minnesota could be seeing record cold high temperatures today and tomorrow, while the southern part of the state is running about thirty degrees below average.

Minneapolis resident, Lisa Olson, knew to change-up the outfit before hitting the pavement for a bike ride today.

“Before we left home we texted about wearing gloves,” she said. “This is the first ride I had since March where I have been needing my gloves while I was riding.”

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It was the same deal whether it was riding on two wheels or four.

“I was wearing shorts and a t-shirt and now I am wearing leggings, long socks, a cardigan and long sleeves,” said Minneapolis resident Taneasha Muonio. Though skating in this weather is better than doing so in the heat, “Skating when it’s really hot is like doing hot yoga but worse.”

And she is taking advantage of every dry weather day she can get outside.

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“With covid roller rinks are closed for the most part or you have to wear a mask and skating with a mask is kind of difficult…it’s nice to be able to come outside but I am not sure what I am going got do when winter comes,” said Taneasha Muonio.

Lisa Meadows