MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A 27-year-old northern Minnesota man is facing murder charges after allegedly stabbing a neighbor earlier this week.

Christopher Colgrove, of rural Bagley, is charged with counts of second-degree and third-degree murder in connection to the Monday night death of 53-year-old Dawn Swenson, court documents filed in Clearwater County show.

According to a criminal complaint, Colgrove called 911 that evening requesting medical assistance at his Bagley home on 336th Street. However, when a responding officer arrived at the home and made contact with Colgrove, he ran off.

Police tracked Colgrove to a nearby home where they heard a struggle happening inside. Officers broke into the home and saw Colgrove struggling with his 53-year-old neighbor.

An officer tried to shock Colgrove with a stun gun, but it was ineffective. After, Colgrove stabbed Swenson and she fell down the stairs. Police attempted to address her wounds, but she died shortly after.

An autopsy showed that Swenson was stabbed in the neck and the back. The wound to her back reached her heart. According to investigators, the medical examiner said that both stab wounds were fatal.

If convicted of the second-degree murder charge, Colgrove faces 40 years in jail. Colgrove made his first appearance in court Wednesday.