MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – With the election less than eight weeks away congressional campaigns across the state are in high gear.

There are very few congressional districts in the nation that flip from one major party to the other. Minnesota’s 8th Congressional District has flipped three times in the last five elections.
The eighth is a sprawling district that includes the Democratic strong hold of Duluth but also goes up to the Canadian border and down to the Twin Cities exurbs of Princeton and Cambridge.
Despite new polls showing Biden with a nine point lead in Minnesota, Republicans say the 8th District could still be key for a Biden victory
The current congressman is Republican Pete Stauber who won his first term in 2018.
The eighth, once a Democratic stronghold, is increasingly Trump territory.
In 2016 Trump won the district by more than 15 points. His key surrogates – including Vice President Pence, Donald Trump Jr and Ivanka Trump –  have all visited in recent weeks.
The Trump campaign believes a big turnout in the eighth could help win the state for them.
Stauber is counting on a big pro Trump vote to help his re-election bid.
“I believe enthusiasm in the eighth for President Trump and his re-election is off-the-charts. We have been to community events in Walker there were 300 plus people there,” he said.
Running against Stauber is first time Democratic candidate Quinn Nystrom, who first came to prominence advocating for lower insulin and prescription drug prices.

Esme Murphy