MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A radio DJ on The Current has been taken off the air one day after Minnesota Public Radio reporter Marianne Combs resigned, saying her editors shelved a story accusing him of psychologically abusing women and girls.

MPR president Duchesne Drew announced Tuesday that Eric Malmberg is no longer an on-air talent at the station, which is owned by MPR. Here is his full statement:

MPR has made the decision that the audience of The Current is best served by a programmat.ic change. As a result, Eric Malmberg will no longer be a DJ on The Current. Our hosts have to be able to attract an audience that wants to listen to them and trusts them and over the last 36 hours those conditions have changed for Malmberg.

Combs, whose 20-plus-year tenure with MPR ended Monday, said she resigned in a show of support to the women she interviewed about his conduct. Combs did not name Malberg in her Twitter thread Monday about her decision, nor did MPR management until early Tuesday evening.

“Their stories matter, their trauma is real, and the issues their experiences raise are relevant to all women, as well as all parents,” Combs said. “These times call for leadership, a moral compass and courage. I sincerely hope that my resignation can serve as a catalyst for positive change and push the newsroom to do right by victims of abuse in the future.”

On Monday, Drew defended his editors’ decision to delay airing the story, saying it did “not meet our journalistic standards.”