MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A 23-year-old man is facing murder charges for a fatal weekend shooting on St. Paul’s Grand Avenue.

Desmond Dawson, of Roseville, is facing two counts of second-degree murder and one count of attempted murder in connection to the Sunday morning bloodshed, court documents filed in Ramsey County show.

Killed in the shooting was 29-year-old Albert Stevens of St. Paul. He was shot at point-blank range, with the bullet piercing his lungs and heart. Another man was shot in the leg and required surgery because the bullet struck an artery.

Desmond Dawson (credit: Ramsey Co. Attorney’s Office)

According to a criminal complaint, Dawson shot both of the men during an argument after bar close outside Billy’s on Grand.

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The man who survived the shooting told police that confrontation started after someone in Dawson’s car yelled something at Stevens. An argument ensued, with Stevens flashing a handgun.

Dawson began to drive off, but quickly made a U-turn, the survivor said. Dawson approached Stevens with his window down, and Stevens walked up to the car. That’s when the shots rang out.

Dawson fled the scene, but not without witnesses recognizing him. Police arrested Dawson the next day.

If convicted of the murder charges, Dawson faces up to 40 years in prison.