MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Minneapolis residents formed a long virtual line to speak with members of the Public Safety Committee Thursday afternoon. More than 60 people waited to be heard on the issue of carjackings and a perceived lack of leadership when it comes to keeping the city safe.

They’ve waited for months to  speak for two minutes to the Minneapolis Public Health and Safety Committee. It was time for their voices to be heard.

“My night was interrupted with three bullets coming into my living room nearly missing my head,” Karen from Minneapolis said.

“I don’t feel safe walking around my neighborhood,” Jim Galvin said.

Many say they are prisoners in their own homes, afraid to venture out for fear of becoming the next victim of crime in Minneapolis.

“We have a crisis. Crime is up and there is no end in sight, and we’ve never felt less safe. Meanwhile there is no leadership, no communication, not enough cops on the streets, and now the chief says some 911 calls will go unattended leaving us to fend for ourselves,” Bill Rodriquez said.

Residents expressed their concern about what they consider a lack of transparency when it comes to the City Council’s plan for the Minneapolis Police Department.

“I’d like to know what the Council’s plan is to bringing security back to everyone’s neighborhood. Not just my neighborhood, everyone deserves to be secure in their house on the street and not be afraid to go out,” Galvin said.

Most who called into speak say they support a plan called Operation Safety Now. The plan calls for a saturation of uniformed officers using local, state and federal resources to put more protection on the street.

“You folks need to spend less time tearing down the police, which is making things worse, and more time working together on the number one issue out — safety. A greater sense of urgency is needed before this crisis spirals out of control,” Rodriquez said

Residents who spoke say if something isn’t done fast, this City Council will preside over the biggest exodus of businesses and families this city has ever seen.

Reg Chapman