MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A Twin Cities man is accused of robbing an acquaintance of a pair of Air Jordans last week and shooting at him as he drove away.

Roderick Pierce, 32, of Brooklyn Park, was charged via warrant Thursday with first-degree aggravated robbery and drive-by shooting, court documents filed in Anoka County show. Investigators say he’s since been arrested.

According to a criminal complaint, Pierce responded to buy a pair of Air Jordans from someone who posted about the sneakers on Snapchat.

Last Tuesday, Pierce went to the seller’s Spring Lake Park home to purchase the shoes for $1,000. In the garage, he met the seller, who recognized him as a frequent customer at the smoke shop where he worked, and Pierce agreed to buy the shoes.

After telling the seller he was going to get cash from his car, he returned, grabbed the shoes and pulled out a handgun, the complaint states. The seller said he tried to grab the shoes back, but Pierce struck him with the gun. Pierce then fled to his car.

After hearing the struggle, another person in the home rushed to the garage. He was standing near the seller when Pierce reportedly backed up his car and fired two shots through the passenger window. Pierce then sped away.

No one was struck by the bullets, the complaint states. Investigators say another witness, the homeowner, heard the scuffle and the gunshots. Bullet debris were found in the home near where the seller was standing.

Home surveillance video captured images of Pierce, who has unique tattoos and clothing, the complaint states. With this footage, investigators were able to identify him.

If convicted for the two felony charges, Pierce faces up to 30 years in prison.