By John Lauritsen

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Earl Gray, the attorney for former officer Thomas Lane, is asking the court to allow body camera video from a previous arrest involving George Floyd. It occurred in May of last year. Floyd was the passenger in an unlicensed vehicle that was stopped by Minneapolis Police.

According to transcripts, an officer asks Floyd to unbuckle his seat belt three times before Floyd says, “don’t shoot me man.”

Floyd is then told several times to put his hands on the dash, but doesn’t listen, to which an officer says, “put your hands on the dash. It’s the last time I’m going to tell you that. It’s simple. He keeps moving his hands around.”

The transcript says the officer pulled his gun because he couldn’t see Floyd’s hands.

Another officer approaches and tells Floyd, “open your mouth. Spit out what you’ve got.”

Floyd admits it was a pill. He is removed from the vehicle as a third officer points a taser at him. Floyd says, “i thought you were just playing.”

Body camera footage then shows Floyd crying for his “mama.”

The transcript says officers then found a bag of pills in Floyd’s pants. He is told to have a seat in the squad car and begins to cry, but sits down.

Gray wants the body camera footage admitted as evidence because he believes Floyd’s behavior was similar to what he displayed the day he died and he admitted to using drugs. On Thursday, Judge Peter Cahill will hold a hearing to discuss the motion, while the state is asking that the evidence be sealed.

The officers involved in Floyd’s death are not required to be at Thursday’s hearing, but they can attend if they want to.

John Lauritsen

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